Create New Exam Configuration

Exam Settings

Exam Name:?The name of the exam to show to the students in the Fully Exam Kiosk.

Exam Description:?Optional short exam description to show to the students in the app.

Exam URL:?This is the start URL of the exam. We will never show this URL to the students.

Quit URL:?Opening this URL will exit the kiosk mode. You should have a button with this URL at the end of the exam.

Action Bar Settings

Show Action Bar:?Show a toolbar above the browser window.

Show Time:?Show current time on the action bar

Show Refresh Button:?Show browser refresh button on the action bar

Show Back Button:?Show a browser back button on the action bar

Show Wifi Button:?Show a button for Wifi settings access.

Show Quit Button:?Teacher can use this button for emergency exit using the quit password

Kiosk Quit Password:

Browser Restrictions

Whitelisted URLs:?Specify full URLs to whitelist, can use * wildcard. Other URLs will be blocked. The whitelist has no effect if empty.

Mute Audio:?Mute all audio channels on the device.

Disable Volume Buttons:?Disable changing volume on the device

Disable Back Button:?Disable using back button in the navigation bar of the device

Disable Screenshots:?Disable taking screenshots of the browser window

Delete Cookies on Start:?Delete cookies each time when opening the exam URL. Enable this if the exam will be done on public devices.

Browser Exam Key:Copy


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