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Exam Settings

Exam Name?The name of the exam to show to the students in the Fully Exam Kiosk app.

Exam Description?Optional short exam description to show to the students in the app.

Exam URL?This is the start URL of the exam. We will never show this URL to the students.

Quit URL?Opening this URL will exit the kiosk mode. You should have a button with this URL at the end of the exam.

Action Bar Settings

Show Action Bar?Show a toolbar above the browser window.

Show Time?Show current time on the action bar

Show Refresh Button?Show browser refresh button on the action bar

Show Back Button?Show a browser back button on the action bar

Show Wifi Button?Show a button for Wifi settings access.

Show Quit Button?Teacher can use this button for emergency exit using the quit password

Kiosk Quit Password

Browser Restrictions

Whitelisted URLs?Specify full URLs to whitelist, can use * wildcard. Other URLs will be blocked. The whitelist has no effect if empty.

Disable Back Button?Disable using back button in the navigation bar of the device

Delete Cookies on Start?Delete cookies each time when opening the exam URL. Enable this if the exam will be done on public devices.

Allow Webcam?Allow webcam usage by the exam website.

Other Restrictions

Mute Audio?Mute all audio channels on the device

Disable Volume Buttons?Disable changing volume on the device

Disable Screenshots?Disable taking screenshots of the browser window

Disallow using overlay apps?Disallow starting exam if overlay apps like BubbleAll detected. We don't recommend switching this off, however some devices may have false positive detections.

Force Do-Not-Disturb Mode?Force enable DND mode to avoid disturbance from incoming calls and messages during exam

Browser Exam KeyCopy


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